Conservation kids at work! 


Education and engagement are at the core of what it takes for humans and the wild to share this great planet. We simply have to raise the consciousness that continuing the destructive behavior that accompanied the industrial revolution is not sustainable. We have a responsibility to share this planet. We have an obligation to care for mother nature. While most people do not make a conscious decision to harm wild places, they are unaware of the things they do that cause harm. They are also unaware of the people that are in this world set out to destroy a wonderful part of our legacy such as grizzlies, elephants and forests through personal greed.
Engaging people in the outdoors has two key components.
1. The benefits of connecting with nature goes beyond recreation. It helps us slow down, it helps us enjoy the journey that is so much larger than ourselves. It brings us better health and balance. Gratitude for the gift of nature opens our hearts and ears to our environment.
2. Engaged people become vested in keeping nature healthy and balanced. Relevance will create better advocates for these special places and species.
Green Kids has been sharing with children the stories of how they are a part of the wild kingdom as just one of the many who share our earth. The dream and vision for the Green Kids Foundation was born out of this work. Our desire is to engage more people in the mission of outdoor education so that we can accomplish even more. Thus, we seek advocates for the wild. Through you, we will reach farther and wider.

Immediate goals Include:

Green kids with Sylvia.jpeg1. Funding the donation of books about the environment

2. Distance learning opportunities bringing young people from a wide variety of locations together electronically to talk about environmental challenges and discuss possible solutions. Engaging bright minds with help through curriculum, biologists, scientists and teachers that cross boundaries.

3. Sponsoring kids to help write books about environmental issues.

4.  Sponsor kids to visit zoos to learn about endangered species

5. Make cartoons that teach while reaching them in an entertained fashion that sticks with young children.   Reach them where they are today and entice them to engage in the outdoors.

6.  Help kids connect with save a species initiatives

7.   Host Green Kids activities and camps in conjunction with school or summer programs.



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